To the Edges: 60 Years of Sydney Printmakers

Barbara A. Davidson

To the Edges: 60 Years of Sydney Printmakers

Barbara's Work 'Time flies to the edges and dissapears' 2021, is currently on display at Manly Art Gallery and Museum.

Time flies to the edges and dissapears
(below text taken from Manly Art Gallery and Museum's website, October 2021)

By considering the use of the printmaking media in innovative and unconventional ways, as well as co-opting new media in the development of their works, the artists of Sydney Printmakers have worked ‘to the edges’ physically and metaphorically pushing their materials, ideas and themselves to their limits.

Sydney Printmakers is the longest-running independent printmaking membership organisation in Australia. It continues to demonstrate its currency in the quality and diversity of the work its artists create, and in the collegiate way its members work to share ideas and resources, and to support each other. As a group, it is thriving - and celebrates its sixty year milestone with this especially curated exhibition.

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Manly NSW 2095
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